We are a machine learning startup developing a manga translation service. We believe our technology can make all manga readers access the newest manga in many languages officially and smoothly. That's why we decided to test sell some manga works on this platform for a limited time to check whether our technology is useful for manga fans.

It's a limited offer until the end of May, so please don't miss your chance to read these excellent manga titles!

You will get notified when our new episodes/services are available.

The first test launch has already been closed.

When we restart the service, we'll send a message via e-mail. If you are interested in, don't forget subscribe for them from the above form.


What's the goal of your efforts?

Our final destination is to realize the worldwide simultaneous release of manga. We strongly believe that this goal can be achieved by combining the aesthetic feeling of human translators with quick and affordable translation by state-of-the-art AI technologies.

Will you have an opportunity to increase the number of mangas on sale?

Probably, yes.

Will you continue to sell mangas as PDFs next time?

Maybe, no. We will only sell mangas as PDFs this time. In the future, we'll release exclusive manga viewers for PC/smartphones.

Why is this service a test case?

During the test period, we want to confirm whether manga readers, authors, and publishers need our service.

Can I have secondary use rights (distribution, sales, etc.) for the manga we bought?

No, you can’t. You can have the right only to read it personally. Please check Terms of Use for further information.

Did you translate the manga with machine translation technology only?

For English and Chinese, professional translators helped us to modify translation manually. For other languages, we use machine translation only. (so, if you feel weird sentences, please let us know for future updates.)

What information will you give me when I put my e-mail in your form?

We'll send updated information and a survey to make our service better.

Are there any information resources other than e-mail?

Yes! Please follow us on Twitter (@mntr_en).

When will this trial period end?

We schedule it to be until May 31st 18: 00 (JST)

You will get notified when our new episodes/services are available.